1. Gut and some luck: Ras ir- Raħeb

    Date 10 Dec 2017
    Ras ir- Raħeb This photo is a classic tale of scrapping plans and trusting your gut. The original idea was to trek down to the elusive Il- Blata tal- Melħ from Il- Qlejgħa tal- Baħrija. I had come close to the islet many times. However, I never felt comfortable jumping…

  2. The Art of Human Motion - Gymnastics

    Date 11 Jun 2017
    ‘The Art of Human Motion’ is my most personal project to date. A blend of two of my passions, photography and gymnastics, the project follows of a group of gymnasts in their quest to gain full mastery of their bodies. Photos of the rigorous training are contrasted with photos depicting…

  3. Editorial-inspired shoot for Ritienne Zammit

    Date 09 Jan 2017
    This shoot was somewhat a bit of a follow-up to what I had done with Antonio Privitera. In both shoots, the clothes were supplied by Ritienne Zammit. But while with Antonio, it was pretty much my vision, this time round, it was Ritienne pulling the strings The moment she…

  4. Shooting with Romea Adler

    Date 04 Dec 2016
    Photographer: Karl Sciberras [Instagram] [Facebook]Model and Stylist: Romea Adler [Instagram] [Facebook]Make-up Artist: Sandy De Gaetano [Instagram] [Facebook]

  5. Of Naturism and Ghajn Tuffieha

    Date 05 Nov 2016
    The lesser-seen side of Ghajn Tuffieha - Karl Sciberras Swamped with locals and tourists the stunning Ghajn Tuffieha beach becomes one of Malta’s busiest locations in summer. What most people, especially tourists, don’t know about this place, is that there is an equally stunning beach tucked behind Il- Karraba plateau. …

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