My photographic and visual design journey started when I was 12. Inspired by digital artworks swirling on the internet (circa 2005), I decided to try and create something myself using found images. As I progressed, I started shooting my own photos for more creative control and soon enough, photography became my passion. 

Nowadays, I consider myself a visual storyteller whose main mode of expression has been photography. In today's hybridised world however, I strongly believe in mixing photography with other visual disciplines. Drawing inspiration from different visual fields has always been central to my work. While working as a graphic designer between 2016-2018, I experienced first hand the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach.  

Character-wise, I am calm, quiet and analytical. By nature, I am also very curious. For me, making images is a meaning-making process that is crucial for self-growth. It comes as no coincidence that the biggest steps out of my comfort-zone were all motivated by photography. From getting out of my shell in my early 20s, to moving abroad in my mid-20s, photography almost always played a key part.

Beyond making images, I have a keen passion for trekking, nature, motorcycling, Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics. I am also an avid reader of Stoic philosophy, psychology and self-help books which are rooted in solid science.  

As far as quirky behaviour goes, I like racking my weights exactly by descending order after each set, placing ingredients neatly at right angles while I'm cooking, and I like doing random handstands and somersaults.


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