1. Trekking and train tripping northern Portugal

    2021-10-04 22:43:21 UTC
    This trip to Porto happened quite unexpectedly. I wasn’t planning on visiting any cities this summer mostly because of how infernally hot they get. But when a friend of mine casually pitched the idea, I only needed a couple of days to think about it and say yes. Knowing him,…

  2. 2021 Honda CB500X : 1000km in-depth review

    2021-07-05 23:40:24 UTC
    Honda CB500X - 2021 in Matte Gunpowder Black trim I like calling this bike a ‘Labrador’. It’s friendly, endearing, and loves an adventure. And just like a Labrador retriever, this Honda CB500X will gladly head wherever you point it. On-road adventure? Off it scoots. Off-road adventure? It obligingly gets dirty…

  3. Malta to Milan and back - A Retrospective Reflection

    2019-12-25 20:09:18 UTC
    On the 10th of September 2018, I waved at my father for what would be the last time in months and boarded a plane to Milan. I had long thought above living abroad and after realizing I was not getting any younger, I decided to go for it. It was…

  4. The Art of Human Motion #2

    2018-03-10 20:32:27 UTC
    An evolution of the Art of Human Motion project. You can see the first instalment here: LinkGymnast: Kirsty Caruana (Instagram)

  5. Gut and some luck: Ras ir- Raħeb

    2017-12-10 20:43:41 UTC
    Ras ir- Raħeb This photo is a classic tale of scrapping plans and trusting your gut. The original idea was to trek down to the elusive Il- Blata tal- Melħ from Il- Qlejgħa tal- Baħrija. I had come close to the islet many times. However, I never felt comfortable jumping…

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