1. Magnificent Montserrat - A photo story

    31 Aug 2016
    It’s not that often that I visit a place which blows me right away with its beauty. But my God! Perched high in the mountain’s cliff face, Montserrat is a photographer’s heaven As you meander your way up to the Monastery, you cannot help but feel dwarfed by the imposing…

  2. Travel photography in Barcelona: La Rambla, Gothic Quarter, Waterfront and Placa Lesseps

    31 Aug 2016
    It’s not often that you feel right at home after stepping in a new city. But that is exactly what I felt in Barcelona. Maybe it was the laid-back atmosphere. Or maybe it was the friendly locals… I can’t say exactly what it was. But I would like to share…

  3. What was in my camera bag for Barcelona?

    20 Aug 2016
    Round about the first week of July, my friends and I booked our plane tickets for Barcelona. Needless to say, we were all excited. But that was just the start. We had a whole list of planning to do, and for a photography fanatic like me, that also meant planning…

  4. Half planned, half improvised - In the studio with Mau

    12 Jul 2016
    Model: Mau Nedkov from Noticed Models Management  I’m tempted to say this shoot happened by chance. But that would only be a half-truth. See, originally we had planned two shoots at one go for DARE magazine.  But for the double-exposure shot (photo below), which I will soon share how it…

  5. The First Step

    21 Jun 2016
    First of all, I would like to welcome you to my website. I’m looking forward to developing this space and make it both a useful resource for photography enthusiasts, as well as give me the space to share my work and express my views ( Don’t worry, I don’t do…

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