A touch of noir - In the studio with Antonio

The mood of this shoot was very much influenced by the film noir aesthetic. I have to admit. I have a thing for that style. Its light-play creates a mesmerizing sense of mystery which I can never get enough of. For this shoot, I wanted to create something similar but with a modern twist. So everything- the make-up, clothes, light etc.. was chosen in accordance with this vision. 

All in all, the whole shoot went by smoothly. Instantly, everyone got on well with each other and that came in handy, as the shoot took a bit longer than I expected. Wearing layers of clothes in the sweltering heat of September must have been tough for Antonio. But he handled it professionally (had no doubt he would). Sandy’s make-up also held up really well in these testing conditions.

Ritienne Zammit was kind enough to lend us clothes from her collection. The prints on her clothes perfectly suited the aesthetic I had in mind and I felt she understood my vision right away . Then Graziella did a wonderful job in styling the clothes together. 

For photographers interested in the technical aspect, I opted to use just 1 light and a v-flat as fill. I love the drama created by sticking to just one light. It’s unforgiving but creates a beautiful sense of mystery.  

Hope you enjoy the photos below!

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