1. Editorial-inspired shoot for Ritienne Zammit

    09 Jan 2017
    This shoot was somewhat a bit of a follow-up to what I had done with Antonio Privitera. In both shoots, the clothes were supplied by Ritienne Zammit. But while with Antonio, it was pretty much my vision, this time round, it was Ritienne pulling the strings The moment…

  2. Shooting with Romea Adler

    04 Dec 2016
    Photographer: Karl Sciberras [Instagram] [Facebook]Model and Stylist: Romea Adler [Instagram] [Facebook]Make-up Artist: Sandy De Gaetano [Instagram] [Facebook]

  3. Of Naturism and Ghajn Tuffieha

    05 Nov 2016
    The lesser-seen side of Ghajn Tuffieha - Karl Sciberras Swamped with locals and tourists the stunning Ghajn Tuffieha beach becomes one of Malta’s busiest locations in summer. What most people, especially tourists, don’t know about this place, is that there is an equally stunning beach tucked behind Il- Karraba plateau.…

  4. Shooting long exposures in broad daylight - Laferla Cross

    05 Oct 2016
    Malta frequently tops the list as the sunniest country in the European Union. This means we get a lot of harsh sun and little clouds. Hardly the right conditions for a moody long-exposure.  What we do get, though, is a lot of wind. And when we do get the occasional…

  5. A touch of noir - In the studio with Antonio

    22 Sep 2016
    The mood of this shoot was very much influenced by the film noir aesthetic. I have to admit. I have a thing for that style. Its light-play creates a mesmerizing sense of mystery which I can never get enough of. For this shoot, I wanted to create something similar but…

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