Of Naturism and Ghajn Tuffieha

Swamped with locals and tourists the stunning Ghajn Tuffieha beach becomes one of Malta’s busiest locations in summer. What most people, especially tourists, don’t know about this place, is that there is an equally stunning beach tucked behind Il- Karraba plateau. 

Owing to its difficulty to get to, many people never set foot on the fine, crispy sand of this hidden gem. It doesn’t even have a name of its own, with people either referring to it as Ghajn Tuffieha or Il- Gnejna. In an interesting twist however, its secluded nature has made the beach a haven for naturists. While nude bathing is strictly prohibited in Malta, the imposing clay slopes hugging the bay offer naturists adequate shield from the prying eyes of the law. 

It’s a shame that many people never get to visit this bay. There are three main ways to access it. The most direct route is down the clays slopes themselves. Be warned however. In doing taking that route, you hasten the slope’s erosion while the climb back up can only be described as God’s punishment for your role in destroying nature. :)

Instead, I suggest either taking the path to the left of Il- Karraba’s headland,or better yet, park in Gnejna and trek it to this beach. All three routes will leave you winded. But the last one rewards you with some of the most scenic views Malta has to offer. 

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