The Art of Human Motion - Gymnastics

‘The Art of Human Motion’ is my most personal project to date. A blend of two of my passions, photography and gymnastics, the project follows of a group of gymnasts in their quest to gain full mastery of their bodies. Photos of the rigorous training are contrasted with photos depicting elegant control , leading to a narrative that seeks to capture the essence of the sport in 20 images. 

If you’re interested into how the whole project came together, be sure to read the blog post following the photo-set. Until then, enjoy! :)

Special thanks goes to:

  • Ryan Busuttil -Your help and enthusiasm were immeasurable in getting this project done. Thank you!
  • Matthias Camilleri 
  • Ceylia Chenuil 
  • Adam El Saghir 
  • Mattheus Zammit 
  • Talene Boodaghians 
  • GymStars Malta 
  • Another thanks goes to photographer Therese Debono (check her work here: ) for pushing me with this project. You need people like that in your life.

Background Information on the Project: 

This project had been brewing in my mind for a long time. Those of you reading this blog post might have guessed right away that I’m very passionate about photography. But something else I have always been equally passionate about is discovering what my body is capable of when pushed physically and mentally. So a project which allowed me to marry two of my passions together really appealed to me. 

Growing up, I remember watching in amazement a group of Shaolin Monks doing consecutive somersaults on their heads and breaking stacks of wood using nothing but their hands. Later on, in what must have been one of the first videos to be posted on YouTube, the same sense of awe engulfed me as I watched a video of traceur David Belle leaping from one roof to another with the swift and grace of a gazelle. These two events left a lasting impression and over time, lead me to take an active interest in mixing strength training with gymnastics in my quest for self-development. 

Thanks to photography, I am aiming to document the beauty of human movement and further my understanding of human anatomy. I believe such understanding is what separates great artists from the truly exceptional ones like Leonardo Da Vinci. You can say that this project stems from a personal belief to pursue continuous growth of my talents, understand myself and the world around me better, and be the best version of myself. 

The plan is to continue this series by exploring other artistic disciplines like dance and martial arts. Any news on that will be released on my social media accounts. You might want to tune in for further updates here: 

 Until next time,

Karl :)

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