Editorial-inspired shoot for Ritienne Zammit

This shoot was somewhat a bit of a follow-up to what I had done with Antonio Privitera. In both shoots, the clothes were supplied by Ritienne Zammit. But while with Antonio, it was pretty much my vision, this time round, it was Ritienne pulling the strings.

The moment she sent me her mood board, I sensed a myriad of creative possibilities. It was on and within days, the team was completed.

It was a wonderful team too. Working with Gabriella (the model) was effortless. Ritienne’s creative ideas and bubbly character kept us going late into the night- so much that we lost track of time, while Sandy was her usual inspired, perfectionist self. The tear on Gabriella’s eye was all down to her improvisation. We tried to get Gabriella crying by making her chop onions. (yes, we’re evil creatures) But the tears just wouldn’t well out. Luckily Sandy did a little bit of a make-up improvisation trick, and voila…

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