Half planned, half improvised - In the studio with Mau

Model: Mau Nedkov from Noticed Models Management 

I’m tempted to say this shoot happened by chance. But that would only be a half-truth. See, originally we had planned two shoots at one go for DARE magazine. 

But for the double-exposure shot (photo below), which I will soon share how it happened, I needed as many good photos as I possibly could. I admit- at the time of the shoot I was quite clueless as to where to go with that double-exposure. I hadn’t done one in ageeeees. So I did the wise thing and went through as many different poses as I humanly could with Mau. 

As it turned out, there was good energy in the studio. I guess it always helps to bring friends along, plus Mau’s very easy to work with. The end result was a lot of outtakes which I simply could not throw away. We glided effortlessly through so many different poses that it ended up being like a separate photo shoot in its own right! I guess this is the magic that happens when everyone is ‘in the zone’. The end result? These three photos below… :)


PS. For those of you technically inclined, the photos were processed first through Capture One, and then further edited in Photoshop. Capture One was mainly used for equalling the skin tones (and it does such a sweeeet job at rendering the skin’s texture too!) while Photoshop was mainly used for repeated bouts of frequency separation, dodging and burning, localised adjustments, and colour work. As far as lighting goes, some were taken using just one light (a Bowens Gemini Pro 500Pro) using a 21” Silver Beauty Dish high above the model. As for others, I lowered the key and added a fill light (same type of strobe) modified via a portrait-sized softbox.  (ie around the size of a freezer) 


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Mau Nedkov double-exposure for DARE magazine

Mau Nedkov for DARE magazine

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